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Introducing Security Resiliency

At Security Resiliency, we're your trusted partners in cybersecurity. We provide tailored penetration testing and security audits to meet your unique needs. Our focus is not only on assessing security, but also on building lasting partnerships that yield insightful and practical solutions. We handle the security so you can focus on what you're good at - growing your business.



Security Audit Services

Security Resiliency provides comprehensive cybersecurity solutions including penetration testing, vendor auditing, compliance consulting, and strategic cybersecurity advice, all tailored to your unique business needs to enable you to focus on your growth.

Enhance Your Security with Penetration Testing

Harness the power of our Penetration Testing service to gain practical insights into your defense systems. Our skilled engineers expertly identify vulnerabilities, empowering you to reinforce your digital landscape and maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic cybersecurity landscape. Protect your business and secure its future with our comprehensive solutions.

Regulatory Compliance Guidance


Begin your compliance pathway with our expertise. We bring a novel approach to understanding your distinctive compliance obligations. Our objective is to streamline your audit processes, employ your resources effectively, and assist your organization in achieving key regulatory benchmarks with both productivity and assurance.

Advisory Services in Cybersecurity


Our Advisory Services are your compass in the complex world of cybersecurity. Our team provides a variety of insights and innovative solutions to address your specific security needs, empowering you to bolster your defense strategies and advance your organization's cyber resilience.

Third-Party Risk Assessment

Our Third-Party Risk Assessment services are designed to strengthen the security of your business network. We conduct in-depth evaluations of your suppliers' cybersecurity practices, detecting any weaknesses that might affect your operations. Through a detailed review of their security strategies, we provide actionable steps to improve your collective security infrastructure, shielding your organization from potential external threats.

Partnering with us means you can focus on growing your business while we handle your cybersecurity.


Based in Carrboro, NC, Security Resiliency is your partner in strategic security consulting and penetration testing. Our goal is simple: to make your journey through the diverse landscape of cybersecurity smooth and safe, regardless of your size or industry.

It's about you, your challenges, your security. We are here to equip you with critical information and data-driven insights that enable you to optimize your resources and enhance your security posture effectively. In an increasingly complex cybersecurity environment, we are your steadfast ally, putting your needs at the center of everything we do.

We see you—our client—as the central figure of our mission. Our dedicated team, always at the forefront of the dynamic security landscape, specializes in delivering comprehensive, quantifiable, and actionable risk evaluations. By forming long-lasting partnerships, we empower you with the right tools and insights to protect your most valued assets.





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